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How To Topup Digi Code in 2020?

The Digi telecommunications service provider is one of the largest in Malaysia. The reach of the Digi 4G LTE network is very broad and much favored by Malaysian society. How to topup Digi in 2020?

Many immigrants and Malaysian residents activate Digi Malaysia numbers. Indonesian Citizens (WNI) are groups of migrants who use Digi cards.

Many free call promos to Indonesia, Digi is also preferred because it offers cheap internet. Therefore, many people routinely top up credit or Digi credit. Well, here are some ways to top up the Digi update in 2020.

1. Top Up Digi Code with Coupons or Vouchers
Top Up Digi RM5
 - First, look for a seller of Digi coupons or vouchers. You can choose according to the amount of credit or credit needed.

- After you have finished buying and Digi coupons in your hands, scrub the coupons in which there are 16 Digits of pin. You can use nails or coins.

- Then prepare your smartphone. Select the call / phone option until the number appears on the cellphone screen.

- After that, click * 123 * and enter the 16 Digit pin and fence (#). * 123 * 16 Digit pin #.

Example: * 123 * 1234567890123456 #. Then press call.

- After pressing the call, you will receive an SMS with the amount of credit or credit purchased in the coupon.
 2. How to top up the prepaid Digi in the seller

- This method is also quite easy. You only need to find the nearest Digi pulse sales point in Malaysia.

- After that, you simply give or write your telephone number to the seller. The seller will send credit according to your order.

- Your Digi credit was successfully sent. You will get a notification via SMS and prepare your Digi pulses to use.

3. Top Up The Internet Online via Android Application
Top up the internet online via the Android Application
You can top up your Digi via the application on your Android phone. The name of the application is iServe Digi Top-up. You just have to install this application and follow the top up method or reload the desired credit credit.

In this way, you can get credit anytime and anywhere quickly and safely. Serve Payment Digi Top-up can be through debit, credit cards and FPX online banking. There will be no charge if you use a Debit Card.

4. How To Top Up Prepaid via Digi Website
How To Top Up Prepaid via Digi Website
If the location of the Digi pulse seller is far from the place of residence, as he explained above, you can top up the credit via the Digi application on android. You can also top up via the Digi website. The payment method is also the same can be through debit or credit.

Latest Digi Promo in 2019
Latest Digi Promo in 2020
In 2019, topping up Digi will get a FREE credit of up to 10%. This is specifically for every refill on MyDigi and Digi Store Online. You will get many benefits such as telephone, SMS, MMS, Internet and more.

This free Digi credit can be used on all uses except for Premium calls (calls to 1051,180 or 1300), talk time services, Digi direct bills, roaming services, and renewal fees.

Free credit is only valid for 3 days. Offer valid for reloading online through the MyDigi application, MyDigi web, and Digi Store Online. Other terms and conditions apply that you can read directly to the Digi website.

That's how to topup Digi prepaid in 2020. Guess it can be useful for you. Thank you.

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